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The Ladsbroke Emporium


A pop-up exhibition on the high street displaying real things that problem gamblers lose in pursuit of their habit. Money. Homes. Family. Sometimes even their lives.


Radio Ad


Punter:       Can I stick a lady on Lucky Star in the 3.15 at Haydock?


Cashier:     Yep, so that’s a fiver on Lucky Star?

Punter:       No, a lady. My old lady.


Cashier:    Huh?


Wife:        Hello


Punter:       Actually, scratch that. I’ll put my car on it. *vrrrrm* No, actually, my dog                           *woof*. My kids.


Kid 1:       Hello!


Kid 2:       Hello!


Punter:       You know what, let’s go the full monty. I’ll put my house on it *heavy scraping                      sound*.


V.O:         If you’re betting more than you can afford visit to get help.                   Problem gambling. What have you got to lose?




Faint background noise of a bookies. A hand repeatedly inserts coins into a fixed priced betting terminal. After the cutaway the coin has become a wedding ring.

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