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A pint of Newcastle Brown Ale tastes best after a hard day’s graft.


Only, no one seems to do one anymore.

So we repositioned the original working man’s beer for the modern day, do-as-little-as-you-can-possibly-get-away-with, worker.


We came. We answered a couple of emails. We rearranged our desks. We touched base with Karen from HR. We worked dammit. We’ve earned that sweet brown nectar.


The bottle opener. A modern office needs a table tennis table. That way you can supplement every 5 minutes of work you do with 55 minutes of ping pong. And how better to celebrate your shirking than with a bottle of brown ale?

The Chuck Taylor x Brown Ale. Is there any shoe that better represents the do-as-little-as-you-can-get-away-with-and-call-it-work generation?

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