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Air pollution kills 25 Londoners each day, and the leading cause is cars. But if you’re drinking, you won’t be driving, or polluting.




Graffiti in Camden


We build the world's biggest pub garden with a takeover of Euston Road.


Designated Drinker Scheme. Beer mats at the event and in Camden pubs can be tapped on TFL Oyster readers for a free journey home – so no one is relying on air-polluting Ubers or taxis.


Scrappage Scheme. Camden Brewery will get locals to scrap their cars and get paid for them in beer. You start by entering your registered-to-Camden car details and arranging a swap-over: car for us, beer for you. Once collected, the car parts will be up-cycled into brewing equipment and decor for Camden’s pubs, like car-metal barrels and gear stick pint taps.

Car Boot Breweries. A couple of the scrapped cars will go one step further to become micro breweries. These little pop ups will be parked on Euston Rd, the most polluted road in London, to open-air brew a special ‘Taste of Camden’ lager. The catch? Open-air POLLUTED fermentation is not going to taste very nice. This PR stunt will get everyone talking about the pollution problem London faces, but all over pint.

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