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Young professionals who rent often don’t have contents insurance. But if we knew the value of the stuff we owned we would want to make sure it was protected if the worst came to the worst.


John Lewis Insurance is teaming up with Google Lens. Using your phone camera the app scans the contents of your entire home, creating an inventory of your possessions and giving you an on-the-spot total value, and an insurance quote so you can protect your stuff.

Additional till receipt printed out with customer’s actual receipt.


The app uses image recognition to create a detailed inventory of everything from furniture and appliances to clothes and vinyl. It can also be used to provide evidence of damage in the event of a claim.



Plot twist version of the normal John Lewis Christmas ad. Filmed simultaneously but released a week later, this version would show what Christmas could look like if disaster struck and how insuring with John Lewis x Google Lens could save a lot of heartache.

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