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Katie got on the front page of basically every newspaper after her mini protest sign caused a stir at the 2019 Climate Strike march in London.

Peter Souter wrote the following in an article for The Drum:

'Katie Burrell is one of the most vital people on the planet right now. Her first project was to make a sign for the Student Climate Strike.

And she made the above. How fucking clever is she?'

Snorlax69 wrote the following on Reddit:

'I bet she's fun on camping trips'


We put this out during the Conservative Party leadership contest in 2019 and it put the cat right among the pigeons with the 'Outraged of Tunbridge Wells' brigade. It got retweeted by Jonathan Pie and nicked by a load of people without credit. Still, the original tweet got almost half a million views.

Impressions: 495,500   Engagements: 42,500   Retweets: 1490   Likes: 3484     

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Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan

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