It seems like no one puts in a proper shift anymore. These days it’s all hot-desking and flat whites. But hard workers are still out there, rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty. It’s time for the original working man’s beer to champion a decent day’s graft.


We’ll search building sites, factories and hospitals for proper grafters and reward them with a token to swap for a bottle of Brown Ale at their local.


We’ll rename pubs in the most working class towns.


We’ll give away custom bottle openers with screwdriver handles at builders’ merchants.

We’ll infiltrate the trendiest craft beer bars and charge exorbitant prices for bottles of ‘Rolled Up Sleeves’.

The twist? As the badly glued on label peels off our bourgeois friends will discover they’ve secretly been drinking Brown Ale.

The extra money hipsters shell out on the gentrified version will go towards buying bottles of the real stuff for proper grafters.

It’s like Tom’s, but for pints!