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*Winner at Cannes Lions 2023, Campaign Big Awards 2023,

Kinsale Sharks 2023, LIAs 2023, British Arrows 2024 and Clios 2024*



Managing your mental health after a breast cancer diagnosis isn't easy.

It leaves sufferers emotionally isolated and their loved ones lost for words.

We needed to get people talking more openly about breast cancer.

So we created The Chat – the UK's first WhatsApp drama series.

Starring award-winning British TV actors Rakie Ayola, Kate Ashfield, Claudie Blakley and Indira Varma, the series played out in real-time over 6 weeks in a WhatsApp group.


Viewers became flies-on-the-wall of a group chat between four women as they navigated an unexpected breast cancer diagnosis together.


The immersive format allowed the audience to scroll through messages, listen to voice notes, see photos and play videos, just like any other group chat, but unlike any other drama series.


The Chat was shared by celebrities, got the attention of national media and was even discussed in the House of Lords. It was talked about on ITV News, Good Morning Britain, and in a 12 minute feature on BBC Radio 4 Woman's Hour.

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